Happy 5th Anniversary to Miche!!

Break out the Candles and Cake—It’s Miche’s 5th Anniversary Sale and we’re Celebrating with Style!

Can you believe it’s been five years since the first Miche Bag was sold on July 7, 2007? We still believe our interchangeable handbag concept is one of the most innovative concepts in women’s accessories, and your efforts in sharing Miche products with everyone you know shows that you do too! It’s time to celebrate this happy occasion with a very special—and fashionable—gift . . .

Our Gift to You—Three Incredible Bundle Specials!

From July 2–31, 2012, your customers can enjoy incredible 5th Anniversary savings on some of our most popular products!


Details You Need to Know

• There is no minimum purchase required to buy Anniversary Bundles.

• There is no limit to the number of Bundles a customer may purchase; she can also purchase at different times during the promotional period and get the reduced price.

• Customers and Representatives must use the Bundle number item (Example: A13 for the Anniversary Classic Bundle) to get the special pricing. If items are entered separately, the total will not reflect Anniversary Bundle pricing.

• Other items may not be substituted by you or the customer for Anniversary Bundle items. However, if individual products sell out, other comparable products will be substituted by Miche. In the event that an individual item sells out, we will let you know which item is sold out and which Shell is replacing it.

The Prima Anniversary Bundle includes Prima Shells – Donna, Valerie, Lexi, Heidi, and Tereasa!    BUY NOW on my personal website





The Classic Anniversary Bundle includes Classic Shells –  Ella (red), Stella, Elizabeth, Jayma, and Jen (copper)!

BUY NOW on my personal website





The Accessories Anniversary Bundle includes – 1 set of Black Chain Handles, 1 Set of Brown Chain Handles, 1 Black Adjustable Strap, 1 Brown Adjustable Strap, and 1 Purse Organizer!

BUY NOW on my personal website

Ivy/Katy make-up bag – Back for a limited time…

Oh My Goodness – The very popular Ivy/Katy print make-up bag just made a surprise reappearance on my website! I have no idea how long she will last – but I bet it won’t be long! Also just an fyi – The HOT Demi Shells Summer, Ivy, Margaret, Martha, and Kris that were brought back yesterday are selling out fast – they are now marked as “Critically Low” with a possible sellout of 1 week or less – Past experiance leads me to believe it will only be a few days before these beautiful shells are gone again!


Make-up Bag (rose print)    BUY NOW on my personal website

 Tuck this darling make-up bag into your Miche Bag for quick touch-ups all day long—and you’ll always put your best face forward! Made from the same chic faux leather material as the Ivy and Katy Shells! Dimensions: 9” long x 4.5” tall x 2” wide.

Hot Demi Shells back for a “Limited Time”

Miche has just brought back 5 of our highly popular Demi Shells in time for this HUGE heatwave!! Back from retirement for a “Limited” time are – Margaret, Ivy, Summer, Martha, and Kris. These Shells all sold out in record time so if you missed the boat and were heartbroken the last go around – you better HURRY! These Shells are available NOW on my personal website.  Also just incase you haven’t heard – shipping charges were recently lowered! Way to go MICHE!!


Like the season that bears her name, the Summer Shell for Demi Bags is all about sunshine, warmth and happiness. Bright yellow faux leather in a fashion-forward snakeskin pattern is accented by a convenient white-trimmed front zipper pocket. Perfect for adding a pop of color to virtually any outfit!   BUY NOW


Feminine. Utterly feminine! From her delicate pink color to the rippling ruching details on the front (and even the end pockets!), the Martha Shell for Demi Bags brings out the soft side of your personality while complementing virtually any neutral outfit. Martha is sweet as a strawberry ice cream sundae and her ultra-chic styling is the cherry on top! BUY NOW


You just can’t help but smile when you slip the Kris Shell on your Demi Bag! Happy-go-lucky turquoise faux leather with jaunty white trim helps the sun shine in your heart on even the cloudiest days. Kris is perfect for a day in the park or for taking along on a weekend getaway.  BUY NOW


It’s your time to bloom! The Ivy Shell for the Demi Bag is like a bouquet from an enchanted garden, complete with abstract rose print in bold shades of red, pink, yellow and green. Tuxedo ruffles on the front and black trim details add just the right amount of sophistication to this unique Shell. Whether you’re headed to a garden party or to an art gallery, you’ll look stunning.  BUY NOW


Sweet meets überchic with the Margaret for Demi Bags, and the result of this encounter is an absolutely stunning Shell—it’s utterly feminine and unforgettable too! Rich teal faux leather features a buttoned bowtie detail and contrasting stitching. It’s sophisticated and fashion-forward—just like you!  BUY NOW

July 2012 Miche “Sneak Peak”

Your July 2012 Miche “Sneak Peak” has arrived! Introducing Selena for the Petite and Sienna for the Prima.  Both shells are sophisticated, fun and sporty!









Selena       BUY NOW on my personal website

– Petite Shell Premium Price SKU 5147 The rich dark chocolate faux leather is only the first trick the Selena Petite Shell has up her sleeves.Check out her vibrant magenta chevron detail   on the front, cooled by a suprising touch of silver striping. Contrasting magenta stitching and end pockets bring the look together. Selena is a sophisticated yet sporty petite – what a winning combination!

Sienna      BUY NOW   on my personal website

– PRIMA SHELL – LUXE PRICE – SKU 7587 A beautiful Urban Shell for Prima Bags is making her stunning entrance on the Miche red carpet! Is it a handbag or a backpack? Both! The discreet rear bottom loops give you the freedom to tote your bag your way—yet another Miche original for you to delight in! The Sienna features deep chocolate lightly-textured faux leather material with contrasting magenta stitching and chevron details in hot magenta and cool silver. Enjoy side pockets, a front flap zippered minipocket and large open pocket in back. Works with all Prima Straps and Handles.


Miche 101

Not exactly sure what the big deal is with Miche? Let me give you a quick overview –

First pick your perfect size Miche bag bundle. A bundle is 1 base bag and 2 shells of your choice. Bundles are offered for all 4 size bags that we offer. With a bundle you essentially have 2 differant purses.











Second – Don’t forget to grab  a couple of differant handles. A differant set of handles on your Miche bag can totally change the entire look of your bag! With one getting started bundle and the 4 handles below you have now changed from 2 differant purses – to now 10 differant looks for your bag.











Third – Don’t be afraid to add some bling to your bag! We offer a constant changing variety of purse charmers that can easily be added to any bag, shell, handle combination.











Fourth – Now that you have this ever growing collection of shells and accessories for you Miche bag, you really need a conveniant way to store your shells. The closet organizer comes in 2 sizes – the petite/classic size, and the prima/demi size.  You can store up to 12 classic shells in the petite/classic organizer, and up to 6 prima shells in the prima/demi organizer.







Finally the most important step with your Miche bag – HAVE FUN! With new shells coming out every month and an ever changing line of handles and accessories – the possibilities with your Miche bag truly are endless. You have the ability to make you bag completely unique – just like you! If you would like to see a few differant shell/bag/handle combinations for inspiration be sure to check my facebook page there is a photo album dedicated specifically for differant combinations – HERE.

P.S. The July 2012 New Miche Releases will be posted right here on June 25th 2012…. Stay tuned for the photos!!

Glory Classic and Petite Shells – flying off the shelves fast!!

The Glory Shells for the Classic and Petite Bags are flying off of the shelves fast!! They are now listed and “Limited Inventory” and set to retire in the next couple of weeks (if not sooner) If they are on your wishlist DO NOT delay!! Remember how fast the Glory Shell for the Demi Bag sold out?? I can NOT guarantee how long the Glory for the Classic and the Glory for the Petite will be available!

Get them while you can, and show your patriotic spirit all year round! Perfect for the 4th of July, Labor Day, 9/11, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, or any other day of the year that you want to show off your patriotic side!

Glory (Petite) – BUY NOW on my personal website

Celebrate the spirit of the red, white and blue with the patriotic-themed Glory Shell for Petite Bags. This All-American beauty features subtly-textured red faux leather with utterly chic abstract blue and white stripes. She’s absolutely stunning when paired with a crisp white shirt, sundress, or other fashion neutrals. You’ll be proud to carry Glory with you wherever you go!

Glory (Classic) –  BUY NOW on my personal website

Celebrate the spirit of the red, white and blue with the patriotic-themed Glory Shell for Classic Bags. You’ll fall in love with her lightly-textured red faux leather with appliquéd metallic star and blue and white “tail.” She’s absolutely stunning when paired with a crisp white shirt, sundress, or other fashion neutrals. You’ll be proud to carry Glory with you wherever you go!

On deck for retirement….

As I am sure you all know by now Harlow for the Demi has now retired. Along with the highly popular Glory shell for the Demi – which sold out in a record 6 DAYS!!! (Glory for the Classic and Petite are still available while supplies last on my personal website) Now onto who is retiring next….. that would be the lovely Janet shell for the Demi.


The Janet Shell for Demi Bags is your new go-to red for when you wake up feeling powerful and bold! Classic brick-red colored faux leather and a matte, finely pebble-grained texture is perfect with neutral, black or white outfits. And just for kicks, the whole look is topped off by a single, oversized rivet on a large exterior snap-closure pocket. Fun!


BUY NOW! on my personal website






Also just an fyi  – The Black Rope Handles are currently back in stock and available to purchase. Those White Linked Handles are running a bit low and will be out of stock soon  – don’t worry tho they are set to be restocked in mid July.