Demi Glory Shell – almost retired…

Just a quick Inventory update. The brand new Glory Shell for the Demi is listed as Critically Low this morning and is set to retire!!! This is a VERY popular shelll, if she is on your list do not delay – ORDER NOW. She is a beautiful shell and even has a zipper pocket on the back! You can wear this shell for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, 9/11, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, and any other day you feel like showing your patriotic side.

Also the Black Rope Handles are set to be restocked anyday now. The Petite Long Handle is listed as limited inventory with a restock date of mid August. Carabiners 1.5″ are critical inventory with a restock of mid July. The Harlow Shell for the Demi is Critical Inventory and then retire – If she is on your wish list order fast!

My personal website is open 24 hours a day, and I ship anywhere in the United States.

Glory Shell for the Demi – Critically Low and set for retirement


Harlow Shell for the Demi – Critically Low and set for retirement.

*Glory and Harlow are now RETIRED  and living it up somewhere on a beautiful beach. Congrats to those of you that snagged them up while you had the chance!*



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