On deck for retirement….

As I am sure you all know by now Harlow for the Demi has now retired. Along with the highly popular Glory shell for the Demi – which sold out in a record 6 DAYS!!! (Glory for the Classic and Petite are still available while supplies last on my personal website) Now onto who is retiring next….. that would be the lovely Janet shell for the Demi.


The Janet Shell for Demi Bags is your new go-to red for when you wake up feeling powerful and bold! Classic brick-red colored faux leather and a matte, finely pebble-grained texture is perfect with neutral, black or white outfits. And just for kicks, the whole look is topped off by a single, oversized rivet on a large exterior snap-closure pocket. Fun!


BUY NOW! on my personal website






Also just an fyi  – The Black Rope Handles are currently back in stock and available to purchase. Those White Linked Handles are running a bit low and will be out of stock soon  – don’t worry tho they are set to be restocked in mid July.


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