Miche 101

Not exactly sure what the big deal is with Miche? Let me give you a quick overview –

First pick your perfect size Miche bag bundle. A bundle is 1 base bag and 2 shells of your choice. Bundles are offered for all 4 size bags that we offer. With a bundle you essentially have 2 differant purses.











Second – Don’t forget to grab  a couple of differant handles. A differant set of handles on your Miche bag can totally change the entire look of your bag! With one getting started bundle and the 4 handles below you have now changed from 2 differant purses – to now 10 differant looks for your bag.











Third – Don’t be afraid to add some bling to your bag! We offer a constant changing variety of purse charmers that can easily be added to any bag, shell, handle combination.











Fourth – Now that you have this ever growing collection of shells and accessories for you Miche bag, you really need a conveniant way to store your shells. The closet organizer comes in 2 sizes – the petite/classic size, and the prima/demi size.  You can store up to 12 classic shells in the petite/classic organizer, and up to 6 prima shells in the prima/demi organizer.







Finally the most important step with your Miche bag – HAVE FUN! With new shells coming out every month and an ever changing line of handles and accessories – the possibilities with your Miche bag truly are endless. You have the ability to make you bag completely unique – just like you! If you would like to see a few differant shell/bag/handle combinations for inspiration be sure to check my facebook page there is a photo album dedicated specifically for differant combinations – HERE.

P.S. The July 2012 New Miche Releases will be posted right here on June 25th 2012…. Stay tuned for the photos!!


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