Ivy/Katy make-up bag – Back for a limited time…

Oh My Goodness – The very popular Ivy/Katy print make-up bag just made a surprise reappearance on my website! I have no idea how long she will last – but I bet it won’t be long! Also just an fyi – The HOT Demi Shells Summer, Ivy, Margaret, Martha, and Kris that were brought back yesterday are selling out fast – they are now marked as “Critically Low” with a possible sellout of 1 week or less – Past experiance leads me to believe it will only be a few days before these beautiful shells are gone again!


Make-up Bag (rose print)    BUY NOW on my personal website

 Tuck this darling make-up bag into your Miche Bag for quick touch-ups all day long—and you’ll always put your best face forward! Made from the same chic faux leather material as the Ivy and Katy Shells! Dimensions: 9” long x 4.5” tall x 2” wide.


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