Happy 5th Anniversary to Miche!!

Break out the Candles and Cake—It’s Miche’s 5th Anniversary Sale and we’re Celebrating with Style!

Can you believe it’s been five years since the first Miche Bag was sold on July 7, 2007? We still believe our interchangeable handbag concept is one of the most innovative concepts in women’s accessories, and your efforts in sharing Miche products with everyone you know shows that you do too! It’s time to celebrate this happy occasion with a very special—and fashionable—gift . . .

Our Gift to You—Three Incredible Bundle Specials!

From July 2–31, 2012, your customers can enjoy incredible 5th Anniversary savings on some of our most popular products!


Details You Need to Know

• There is no minimum purchase required to buy Anniversary Bundles.

• There is no limit to the number of Bundles a customer may purchase; she can also purchase at different times during the promotional period and get the reduced price.

• Customers and Representatives must use the Bundle number item (Example: A13 for the Anniversary Classic Bundle) to get the special pricing. If items are entered separately, the total will not reflect Anniversary Bundle pricing.

• Other items may not be substituted by you or the customer for Anniversary Bundle items. However, if individual products sell out, other comparable products will be substituted by Miche. In the event that an individual item sells out, we will let you know which item is sold out and which Shell is replacing it.

The Prima Anniversary Bundle includes Prima Shells – Donna, Valerie, Lexi, Heidi, and Tereasa!    BUY NOW on my personal website





The Classic Anniversary Bundle includes Classic Shells –  Ella (red), Stella, Elizabeth, Jayma, and Jen (copper)!

BUY NOW on my personal website





The Accessories Anniversary Bundle includes – 1 set of Black Chain Handles, 1 Set of Brown Chain Handles, 1 Black Adjustable Strap, 1 Brown Adjustable Strap, and 1 Purse Organizer!

BUY NOW on my personal website


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