Miche Black Friday – Going strong ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Just thought I would update all of you wonderful ladies, stalking the Miche Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Sale! The websites are super slow with everybody logging on – so just be patient. One tip I have is that if it seems like the page stops loading – hit the refresh button. It has helped me.

Latest update from Corporate –
Hi everyone! Your response to Cyber Weekend has been absolutely incredible. As many of you have indicated, our websites are struggling with the amount of traffic. Many of you want to get your hands on these incredible deals and we appreciate the support. Thank you for your patience…you can be sure we’re working hard to fix the problems. Please remember this sale lasts through Monday, so if you are having difficulties ordering, you can visit sites anytime this weekend. Thank you!

I also have a few direct links for you! Hopefully that will help you get to where you want to go faster on my personal website!

For the $7 Classic Shells – CLICK HERE

For the $10 Prima Shells – CLICK HERE

For the $39.95 Classic Bundles – CLICK HERE

For the $49.95 Prima Bundles – CLICK HERE

* Remember Miche has stated they will be adding differant Shells as the sale progresses. I have also heard very reliable hints about other size Shells being added to the sale – Demi and Petite perhaps? Keep checking back! 🙂


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