Miche Cyber Monday Sale is HUGE

I just received information on the Miche Cyber Monday Sale. You can expect tons of current Petite, Classic, Demi, and Prima Shells at 50% off of Retail Price!!! There are over 70 items going on Sale for 50% off! Starting at 12:01 am Mountain Time there will be a link in the shop area of my personal website titled “Cyber Monday – Only Sale” you will want to click that link to see all of the 50% off items!

*All Items are while supplies last

*All sales are final

There are so many items going on this sale I can not post pictures or I would be here all day! So excuse the pitcture less post and here is a list instead!

Classics – Kadace, Ella, Raquel, Violet, Adrian, Silvia, Hope (red), Claire, Ebony, Cynthia, Veronica, Janelle, Sherry, Carlie, Jasmine, Hope (argle), Janine, Tammy, Jan’ee, Reese, Ashton, Nicole

Demis – Beverly, Kinsley, Megan, Joyanna, Dawn, Diedra, Sharon, Lisa, Margaret, Judith, Hope (argyle)

Primas – Lexi, Heidi, Valerie, Donna, Jocelynn, Morgan, Hope (red), Adrianna, Teresa, Rihanna, Rosalyn,Kendal, Janice, Neisha, Parker, Amanda, Melanie, Farrah, Robie, Pat, Hope (argyle)

Petites – Sarah, Tess, Mikah, Alice, Cindy, Vera, Camila, Jean, Patricia, Judy, Clarissa, Mekenna, Margo, selena, Cole, Randi, Kandi, Anjali, Mollie, Lily

Other items – Lisa Coin Purse, Purse Organizer


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