January 2013 Miche “Sneak Peak”

Merry Christmas everybody! How about a “Sneak Peak” at the January 2013 Miche Releases? Most of these will be available to order January 1st 2013 via my personal website!

A couple of these beauties  are running late and will not be available to order until January 11th 2013 they are – Hope (dove) for Petite, Hope (dove) for Classic, and the new wristlet.


P.S. DON”T FORGET ABOUT THE YEAR END CLEARANCE SALE THAT STARTS AT 9 am Mountain Time on December 26th 2012 and runs through January 2nd 2013 at 11:59 pm Mountain Time. All items in that sale are “while supplies last”.

A “Sneak Peek” at the Miche 2012 Year End Sale –

Want a  peak at a few of the items going in the Year End Sale? Here you go –

* This is only a very small handfull of the items in the Sale!! You will NOT want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to add to your Miche Collection at AMAZING prices! Items will be available on my website starting at 9 am – Mountain Time Wednesday December 26th 2012 until Wednesday January 2nd 2013 at 11:59 pm!


Wanna see everything in the Sale? Check the photo album on my facebook page HERE

The MICHE Year End Clearance Event!


Who doesn’t love after-holiday deals? Here’s all the info you need to know about this fashionable  promotion.

The Year-End Clearance begins at 9 am Mountain Time (8 Pacific/10 Central/11 Eastern) on Wednesday, December 26 and goes through January 2 at 11:59 pm Mountain Time.

Select single Shells and Accessories will be on sale at up to 75% off.


Q: Can I put the Sales Shells in a bundle?

A: No, these discounted Shells do not qualify for any bundle discounts.

Q: The Shell I want is no longer showing on the website. Can I still purchase this item?

A: This sale is based on limited inventory and once the items are gone, they will no longer be available to purchase.

All items will be available to purchase on my personal website. Fyi – There are TONS of items going in this sale!  You will not want to miss it – I have seen some highly sought after items on the list! This sale looks to be as amazing if not better than the cyber weekend sale! 🙂