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Throwback Thursday – Erica Classic Shell


The “Throwback Thursday” item this week is the retired Erica Shell for the Classic Base Bag. You can grab her today only until 10 pm mtn time (or while supplies last) for $14.98 on my personal website

Also don’t forget the July Miche New Releases are available to order NOW! Plus there is still the “free gift with a $50 purchase promotion” going on until the end of June. You can see the July Releases HERE

Miche Deal of the Day Promotion


Pssst . . . have we got a deal for you! Every day from July 1–14, your customers can participate in our Deal
of the Day offer and save up to 75% on select Miche products.

What You Need to Know
· Promotion date: July 1–14.
∙ Deals will go live 9 AM Mountain Time every day.
∙ There is no minimum purchase required to participate in this promotion.
∙ Miche is providing a list of the daily deals in advance so you can share all the deals with your
customers up front and they can determine which items they want and when to order.
∙ All deals are while supplies last and may run out before the end of day. Backorders will not
be available on these products.

Deal of the Day are as follows:

Deal of the Day
July 1st
SKU 5156 Yolanda (Petite) 40% Discount $8.97
SKU 3151 Kaye (Demi) 40% Discount $23.97
SKU 1203 Hope blue (Classic) 40% Discount $17.97

July 2nd
SKU 3177 Jordan (Demi) 40% Discount $20.97
SKU 9313 Porsha (Cintura Bag) 30% Discount $24.47

July 3rd
SKU 7595 Anastasia (Prima) 40% Discount $26.97
SKU 3147 Ana (Demi) 40% Discount $20.97

July 4th
SKU 3162 Anndrea (Demi) 50% Disount $19.98
SKU 5139 Cole (Petite) 50% Discount $7.48
SKU 9114 Wallet (Teal) 50% Discount $14.98

July 5th
SKU 1207 Snowflake (Classic) 75% Discount $6.24
SKU 5152 Snowflake (Petite) 75% Discount $3.74

July 6th
SKU 7589 Breanne (Prima) 50% Discount $19.98
SKU 5149 Bre (Petite) 50% Discount $7.48
SKU 3139 Hope blue (Demi) 50% Discount $19.98

July 7th
SKU 5155 Bethany (Petite) 40% Discount $8.97
SKU 7597 Paulette (Prima) 40% Discount $23.97
SKU 1215 Beth (Classic) 40% Discount $14.97

July 8th
SKU 3123 Judith (Demi) 75% Discount $5.00
SKU 9306 Jude (Hip Bag) 75% Discount $8.74
SKU 7585 Hope Argyle (Prima) 75% Discount $5.62

July 9th
SKU 7577 Amanda (Prima) 60% Discount $15.98
SKU 7584 Pat (Prima) 60% Discount $17.98

July 10th
SKU 9112 Wristlet (Metalic Snake) 30% Discount $17.47
SKU 7578 Melanie (Prima) 30% Discount $27.97

July 11th
SKU 7575 Parker (Prima) 50% Discount $22.48
SKU 5150 Jackie (Petite) 50% Discount $9.48

July 12th
SKU 7583 Robie (Prima) 60% Discount $15.98
SKU 1201 Lillian (Classic) 60% Discount $9.98

July 13th
SKU 3160 Kylie (Demi) 30% Discount $24.47
SKU 1214 Emmie (Classic) 30% Discount $17.47

July 14th
SKU 7605 Amery (Prima) 40% Discount $26.97
SKU 9118 Wallet (yellow) 40% Discount $17.97

*Available to order at starting at 9 am mtn time on date specified. If you have problems ordering try using Firefox as your web browser instead of Internet Explorer!

Miche Anniversary Sale – July 1 – July 14


It’s Miche’s 6th Anniversary, but you get the gifts! We’re celebrating in style by offering
Anniversary Bundles—and you get to choose the items you bundle! The styles are hot and so are the savings.
What You Need to Know
∙ Promotion dates: July 1–14, 2013
∙ Orders may be placed beginning at 9 AM Mountain Time (8 Pacific/ 10 Central/ 11 Eastern)
on July 1.
∙ All orders must be placed and Parties closed and submitted by Sunday, July 14, 2013 at
11:59 p.m. Mountain Time.
∙ There is no minimum purchase required to participate in this promotion.
∙ A special Miche Anniversary Sale area will show in the shopping area of my personal website on July 1.
∙ Customers create their own Anniversary Bundle by choosing any four (4) Shells from a selected size and get them for one incredible bundle price.
∙ When entering an order in your Business Center, enter the Bundle SKU first and then the four (4)
SKUs the customer wishes to purchase.
∙ Inventory is limited on individual bundle SKUs. If an item runs out, it becomes unavailable. Whenever possible, a replacement SKU will be added to the bundle choices.
∙ Backorders are not available on bundle items.

Anniversary Sale Bundles

Petite Bundle $39.00 (pick 4 Shells) SKU B19
Sarah, Alice, Cindy, Vera, Jean, Camilla, Clarissa, Margo, Judy, Carolyn

Classic Bundle $55.00 (pick 4 Shells ) SKU A19
Silvia, Cynthia, Veronica, Janelle, Sherry, Connie, Anabell, Becky, Virginia, Ames

Demi Bundle $79.00 (pick 4 Shells) SKU C19
Hope (argyle), Kendra, Madison, Joella, Renae, Myranda, Snowflake, Constance, Brenda, Hope (script)

Prima Bundle $79.00 (pick 4 Shells) SKU D19
Valerie, Donna, Jocelynn, Adrianna, Kendal, Janice, Neisha, Malorie, Hope (blue), Charlee


Accessories Bundle $59.00 (pick 4 items) SKU E02
Soft Wallet (bone), Wristlet Wallet (red croc), Convertable Wallet (carmel), Wallet (tan snake), Wallet (red croc),Char Hip Bag, Darcy Hip Bag, Porter Hip Bag


If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser and have problems placing your order – try switching to Firefox.

July 2013 Miche New Releases –


July Releases Available to order JUNE 27, 2013 via my website

Throwback Thursday for 6/13/13 – Allie Prima Shell


This weeks “Throwback Thursday” item is the Allie Prima Shell!! You can get Allie today only until 10 pm mtn (or while supplies last) for $22.48! She is a gorgeous shell that is perfect for summer! You can get your Allie on my personal website HERE

Throwback Thursday – Jude Hip Bag


The “Throwback Thursday” item for today is… The Jude Hip Bag! You can get yours for $17.48 (plus tax and shipping) until 10 pm tonight or while supplies last. Jude was originally $34.95, so it’s a great deal!