Cream Interchangeable Handles, Black Rope Handles, Silver Chains and Carabiners – Back in stock

Great news! The following handles and accessories are back in stock! The can be found on my personal website HERE

9098 – Rope Fashion Handles (black) 24

9440 – Interchangeable Handle Straps (cream)

9455 – Interchangeable Handles (silver)

9650 – 1″ Silver Carabiners

9651 – 1.5″ Silver Carabiners

9654 – 1″ Bright Gold Carabiners

The following are still out of stock, but can be ordered as a backorder. These items will ship in 3-4 weeks.

9442B BACKORDER (3-4 Weeks) – Interchangeable Handle Straps – Tan Rope

9656B BACKORDER (3-4 Weeks) – Interchangeable Handle Chain Set (gold)


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