New Miche Items on Sale –


Love a Miche Sale? Well then, I have some great news! I was clicking through my website this morning and found a few surprises – new items on sale! It was like a treasure hunt! 🙂


Patricia Petite Shell –

Hot, hotter, HOTTEST! Patricia for Petite Bags effectively captures the heat of summer and glows with the happy vibe of the season. Electric coral textured faux leather features chic contrasting oblique white stitching and convenient end pockets. Patricia has “WOW” factor, and adds a little fun and adventure to virtually any outfit!

Base bag and handle not included.     PRICE $9.48     FIND HER HERE


Briella Demi Shell –

As the sun sets over the Kalahari Desert, it casts a last look on the dusty earth and—just for a second—time stands still and the African plain glows with an almost otherworldly shade of deep, rich orange. This color is perfectly captured in the Briella Shell for Demi Bags. And you’ll love the contrasting black stitching details on soft, textured faux leather. Side pockets and antique brass hardware too! The look is bold. The look is strong. Wear Briella with confidence!

Base bag not included.    Price $17.48    FIND HER HERE


Amelia Demi Shell –

The bright saffron yellow of the Amelia Shell for Demi Bags will bring sunshine to your heart and smiles to the faces of everyone you meet! Woven embossed patterned faux leather is complemented by contrasting tan accents and topped off with two oversized studs on the front. Bring on the happy! Side pockets.

Base Bag/Handles not included          Price $19.98 FIND HER HERE

*Don’t forget her matching tan rope handles HERE

may 5

Marlena Demi Shell –

It’s virtually impossible to go wrong when you wear a little black dress or a black Miche! The Marlena for Demi Miche Bags complements your wardrobe staples perfectly with her lightly-textured matte black faux leather, patent accents and buckle detailing with silver hardware. A must-have for any Miche Demi lover! Side pockets. Streamlined design with oval bottom.

Base Bag and Handles not included.      Price $17.48      FIND HER HERE



Other great finds on Sale for 50% off which can be found HERE include –

The Brown Classic Base Bag for $14.95

Ebony Classic Shell for $14.98

Connie Classic Shell for $14.98

Ames Classic Shell for $14.98

Margo Petite Shell for $9.48

Clarissa Petite Shell for $9.98

Mekenna Petite Shell for $7.98

Joella Demi Shell for $17.48

Snowflake Demi Shell for $17.48

Kendall Prima Shell for $22.48

Amery Prima Shell for $22.48

Robie Prima Shell for $19.98

Pat Prima Shell for $22.48

Melanie Prima Shell for $19.98

Amanda Prima Shell for $19.98

Soft Wallet (bone) for $14.98

Tan (snake) wallet for $14.98

Wristlet (red croc) for $12.47

Reed Hip Bag for $17.48


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