Miche Black Friday


Not sure why there is so much hype for the Annual Miche Black Friday – Cyber Weekend event?

HUGE SAVINGS ON MICHE SHELLS – We are talking atleast 50% off!!

The question now is what ARE the deals this year??

The answer to that will be revealed early this week. Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned!! I will post every single detail as soon as I receive the information!

Also because I know just how hectic Cyber Weekend can be I would like to offer a few tips!

1. If you are using Internet Explorer and having problems, try firefox or google chrome as your internet browser. Internet Explorer tends to be problematic every now and then.

2. Make sure you complete your order – as in you go all the way through the ordering process until a receipt is given. Sometimes people tend to get so excited with the deals they are getting they don’t complete the order all the way through.

3. Whatever the deals this year will be – I can guarantee they will sell FAST. Be watchful and check back often for updates. You never know what might be added to the sale throughout the weekend. Keep in mind this event runs from 11/29/13 until 12/3/13. That is FIVE entire days of fantastic Miche Sales!

4. If you have problems during this amazing event I will be available to assist you by email or phone.

I hope you are just as excited for this event as I am! This is an amazing opportunity to expand your collection or to introduce a wonderful woman in your life to the versatility of Miche.

*Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Weekend deals will be available on my website from 11/29/13 until 12/3/13 at https://jess.miche.com All orders will ship from the corporate Miche warehouse in California via FedEx. Orders can be shipped all over the United States.



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