BOGO FREE Miche – The list of Free Shells and Jewelry!

From June 10th, 2014 until June 30th, 2014 when you buy one regular priced Shell or Jewelry item you get one FREE! Buy a Classic Shell get a Classic Shell FREE, buy a Demi Shell get a Demi Shell FREE, buy Jewelry get Jewelry FREE! Pretty sweet, huh? FYI – there are some pretty hot Shells and Jewelry items being offered for FREE too!! Let’s have a look, shall we?

shopportunity classic

shopportunity demi

shopportunity jewelry

shopportunity petite

shopportunity prima

In order to take advantage of this wonderful and rare MICHE Sale you just need to add a regular priced Shell or Jewelry Item to your “shopping bag” and you will be prompted in your “shopping bag” to pick your free gift in honor of Miche’s 7th Anniversary! You can take advantage of this sale on my website HERE

A little Miche Math to show you the savings during this promotion –

These are normally our Bundle Prices (A bundle is 1 Base Bag and 2 Shells)
bundle deal

However during our BOGO event this is what those bundle items now cost until June 30th, 2014

1  Petite Base and 2 $18.95 Petite Shells (one is free) –  $40.90

1  Petite Base and 2 $14.95 Petite Shells (one is free) –   $36.90

1 Classic Base and 2 $24.95 Classic Shells (one is free) – $59.90

1 Classic Base and 2 $29.95 Classic Shells (one is free) – $64.90

1 Demi Base and 2 $34.95 Classic Shells (one is free) –  $74.90

1 Demi Base and 2 $39.95 Demi Shells (one is free) – $79.90

1 Prima Base and 2 $39.95 Prima Shells (one is free) – $79.90

1 Prima Base and 2 $44.95 Prima Shells (one is free) – $84.90


Those are some pretty awesome savings!!!


Of course nothing says you have to go all out and get a new base bag and 2 Shells – but it would be a great time to get into a Miche bag with these savings. You could always just go with Buy a Shell get one FREE if you already own a base. Or even better – have a mother, sister, daughter, or BFF who rock the Miche too? Call em up and see if they want to go in half  on the BOGO deal with you and viola – even better deal!  🙂

You can shop the BOGO FREE Deal  HERE until 6/30


*Don’t forget you can even BOGO FREE on Miche Luxe!!!



Throwback Thursday – 6/12/14 – Jackie Petite

throwback jackie

5150 Jackie

Her exotic shade of teal is the first thing you notice about the gorgeous Jackie for Petite Bags. She is definitely a Petite Shell with a whole lot of attitude! Lightly-textured faux leather with bold pleating details along diagonal stitching lines gives Jackie a pleasing architectural twist. And she has end pockets for extra storage too!

Base bag not included.
Price: $7.50 BUY HERE

*Available while supplies last until 8 am MTN Friday June 13th!

Miche SALE!! Don’t miss out on your “Shopportunity” to BOGO FREE Shells or Jewelry!

If you’ve ALWAYS wanted to purchase Miche but you’ve been waiting for a GREAT SALE!!
Here is the GREAT SALE you’ve been waiting for!! EVERYONE LOVES BOGO! Starts June 10th, let’s celebrate Miche’s 7th anniversary together!!

Buy one, get one FREE: June 10 – June 30!!! IT’S YOUR MICHE 7TH ANNIVERSARY SHOPPORTUNITY!! CLICK HERE to save big!!
∙ Shopportunity event June 10

* With the purchase of a Shell or jewelry piece, get a select item of equal or lesser value FREE.
*All items are while supplies last: There will be
no backorder SKUs.
* The Shopportunity starts at 9 am Mountain Time (8 Pacific/10 Central/11 Eastern) on Tuesday, June 10
and all orders must be submitted by Monday, June 30 at 11:59 pm Mountain Time.
·*When YOU select a Shell (any size) or jewelry item, you can choose from a select list of free
items at checkout.
*All Anniversary Shopportunity items are while supplies last—first come,
first served. There are no backorders.
·*You may purchase multiple quantities of the same item in one order; however, only one FREE item per
SKU per customer is allowed.
If an order is placed for two (2) Alexa Classic Shells (SKU#1267), one (1) free item will
be attached to that order.


**Huge tip with this sale – The freebie selection changes based on the price of your item. For example – if you add a $34.95 Demi Shell to your cart you get select $34.95 priced shells for a freebie selection, if you add a $39.95 Demi Shell to your cart you get select $34.95 and select $39.95 priced shells for your freebie selection, if you add a Luxe Shell to your cart you get select $34.95, select $39.95 AND select LUXE shells as your freebie selection!!! YES BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON LUXE TOO!!

Throwback Thursday – June 5, 2014

Delilah is a special shell, designed to “go anywhere” from the gym to the beach!

It’s springy! It’s cheerful! It’s bold! It’s you! The Delilah Go-Anywhere Shell for Prima Bags is the ultimate in storage and convenience, and it looks amazing too. Brilliant lime green faux leather plaid material features one full-length, two oversized and two small pockets as well as a roomy zippered storage spaceall on the outside for super-easy access.
It even comes with a matching diaper pad if you choose to use it as a diaper bag.
base bag sold seperately


CLICK HERE to view details and order this beauty, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST only!! Through 8am MT Friday June 6th!

throwback delilah