Miche SALE!! Don’t miss out on your “Shopportunity” to BOGO FREE Shells or Jewelry!

If you’ve ALWAYS wanted to purchase Miche but you’ve been waiting for a GREAT SALE!!
Here is the GREAT SALE you’ve been waiting for!! EVERYONE LOVES BOGO! Starts June 10th, let’s celebrate Miche’s 7th anniversary together!!

Buy one, get one FREE: June 10 – June 30!!! IT’S YOUR MICHE 7TH ANNIVERSARY SHOPPORTUNITY!! CLICK HERE to save big!!
∙ Shopportunity event June 10

* With the purchase of a Shell or jewelry piece, get a select item of equal or lesser value FREE.
*All items are while supplies last: There will be
no backorder SKUs.
* The Shopportunity starts at 9 am Mountain Time (8 Pacific/10 Central/11 Eastern) on Tuesday, June 10
and all orders must be submitted by Monday, June 30 at 11:59 pm Mountain Time.
·*When YOU select a Shell (any size) or jewelry item, you can choose from a select list of free
items at checkout.
*All Anniversary Shopportunity items are while supplies last—first come,
first served. There are no backorders.
·*You may purchase multiple quantities of the same item in one order; however, only one FREE item per
SKU per customer is allowed.
If an order is placed for two (2) Alexa Classic Shells (SKU#1267), one (1) free item will
be attached to that order.


**Huge tip with this sale – The freebie selection changes based on the price of your item. For example – if you add a $34.95 Demi Shell to your cart you get select $34.95 priced shells for a freebie selection, if you add a $39.95 Demi Shell to your cart you get select $34.95 and select $39.95 priced shells for your freebie selection, if you add a Luxe Shell to your cart you get select $34.95, select $39.95 AND select LUXE shells as your freebie selection!!! YES BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON LUXE TOO!!


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