MICHE Throwback Thursday 8/28/14 – Jocelynn Prma Shell




 W.I.L.D time in the city” defines the vibe of the fabulous Jocelynne Shell for Big Bags! After all, what could be more electrifying than hot zebra print in dark plum and white faux leather? Front slanted piping detail in the deepest shade of purple gives Jocelynne a little extra edge. Simply put: when you’re feeling a little “wild,” slip on Jocelynne before hitting the town! 

Base bag and handles not included.

Price:  $12.50                               BUY HERE

*Available until 9 am mtn on 8/29/14 or while supplies last



September 2014 Miche New Releases –

Our September 2014 Fall/Winter Line debuts September 2, 2014.






These gorgeous New Releases will be available to order starting September 2, 2014 on MY PERSONAL WEBSITE

* IMPORTANT – Price changes are inevitable—- prices on some items will be going up on Sept 2 — HOWEVER—- THE PRICE ON ALL Miche base bags is DECREASING– AND, the price on all basic base with two shell bundles WILL REMAIN THE SAME! Miche has not had a price increase since 2011, and prices of production on shells have increased, and Miche customers HAVE been asking for shells with “more bells and whistles”. I’m very happy that the base prices have decreased, and basic bundle prices will NOT be going up.