Miche Cyber Weekend 2014 – Update

New items have just been added to the Black Friday, Cyber Weekend, Cyber Monday Sale. You can find all of our sale items HERE. Under the “Cyber Weekend” category.

A peak at what was just added –


Inventory Update –


1209 Anabell RETIRED

3191 Devanee (demi) RETIRED

3197 Dominique – Demi RETIRED

5177 McCall – Petite RETIRED

5179 Vixen – Petite RETIRED

7576 Ryann Retired

7600 Hope (dove) RETIRED

7617 Gretchen (prima) RETIRED

9445 Interchangeable handle extension (spruce) RETIRED

9448 15″ Straps (purple) Retired

9458 Interchangeable Handles Straps (red patent) RETIRED

9468 Straps (white) RETIRED

9701 Hope charmer RETIRED

9710 Clutch – Metallic Berry RETIRED

3241H Calgary – Demi RETIRED


9132 Rebekah – Hip Bag Close to running out

7616 Trisha (prima) Close to running out

5186 Shelly-Petite Close to running out


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