Miche Cyber Tuesday


Just when you thought the Miche Cyber Weekend/ Cyber Monday Sale couldn’t get any better – It was just announced there will be Tuesday only Flash Specials!!

Flash Deals are coming your way throughout the day Tuesday, beginning at 8 am Mountain Time (7 Pacific/ 9 Central/ 10 Eastern). Final group of items will be posted at 4 pm Mountain Time.

These products will be available until Cyber Weekend ends at 11:59 pm Mountain Time or while supplies last—so don’t wait!


You can check out all of the deals on my personal website HERE – don’t forget to check back often all day tomorrow Tuesday 12/3/13


Miche Free for Fall – Free for ALL!!

The September Miche Promotions have been announced and they are HOT!! These promotions kick off September 4th at 9 am mtn time and run until September 30th on my personal website at https://jess.miche.com


September is Free For Fall – Free for ALL! Miche has something FREE for everybody!

For Customers
Buy Two get One FREE. Items have to be the same size. For example if you buy a Classic Base and 1 Classic Shell you get 1 FREE. Or you can buy 2
Prima Shells and get 1 FREE. The lesser priced item will be the FREE Item. There is NO LIMIT on how many times you can take advantage of this
Fabulous promotion! *Miche Luxe is excluded from this promotion.

For Hostesses
Have a $300 Party (before tax and shipping) and you can purchase TWO Miche Luxe Shells for $29.95 each!!

Have a $500 Party (before tax and shipping) and you get ONE FREE MICHE LUXE SHELL and 1 for $29.95!!! You also receive all of our regular hostess
rewards with any party! Party can be a home show, book party, or online party off of your party link on my website.

For New Representatives
When you sign up between September 4 and September 30 and buy your $199 starter kit you get the Petite/Accessories Add on kit for FREE!

The 5,000 points for new Representatives has been extended until November 30th. Points go towards earning any of the Hawaii Big Island Bliss 2014
prizes. (ipad mini, trip for one, trip for two) You earn points for every dollar you sell and for sponsoring. (For an ipad mini you need 16,000 points, trip for
one to Hawaii is 20,000 points, trip for two is 23,000 points) Qualification period for Hawaii ends on December 31st, 2013.

For Representatives
If you sell $300 between September 4 and September 30 you qualify to purchase November new Releases at 40% off! If you sell $600 during the time
period you get ONE November Release FREE and the rest at 40% off. Sell $1200 and you get TWO November Releases for FREE and the rest at 40%

Double Points for helping New Representatives advance in title has been extended through September 30!

We also have National Party Week Running from September 16 until September 22. During that time Corporate will be calling 100 Hostess during the time of their scheduled party. They will be giving each of those 100 Hostesses they call $100 in FREE Miche!! They are giving a total of $10,000 in FREE Miche to 100 lucky Hostesses!!! Your party must be scheduled with me and on my website no later than September 10, 2013 to be put in the running!

There have been 19 Items added to the Sale Section of my website – be sure to check that out. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on your favorite at 50% OFF!


Become a Miche Representative

With all of the exciting announcements from Mpower the last couple of days, NOW is an amazing time to start your Miche business.

From July 15, 2013 until December 31, 2013 all representatives are currently working towards earning a trip to the Big Island in Hawaii!! That’s not all – Any Representative who signs up and becomes an Independent Miche Representative between July 15, 2013 and August 31, 2013 starts off with 5000 extra incentive points to help them on their way! That is a quarter of the points needed to earn your trip! How amazing is that?


There are many ways to earn the rest of the points needed to reach your goal of Hawaii. Whether it be sponsoring, selling or helping your team members Elevate. Our new Fall starter kit goes on sale Monday. For information on how you can become a Miche Representative, you can reach me by email at gottahavethebag@gmail.com


You can see all of our other starter kits HERE The above kit is our basic kit.

*I will be adding to this post as more information concerning earning your kit, and what is included in the Fall kit become available.

Want a sneak peak at something new? Miche’s New Line has arrived!




A new product line for Miche?


By now I am sure you have heard atleast some sort of rumor or buzz floating around about something new, something big, something huge coming to Miche. Here is what I know…

The big national Miche Representative Conference kicks off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin TOMORROW – July 11th, 2013. Conference brings many surprises every year. The best news is ALWAYS revealed at conference, so perfect time to debut a new line. Miche has been “teasing” us reps with little tidbits of “Something Big” coming for a good month. If you ask any Miche Representative in the United States – I can guarantee that is all they can think about right now. What COULD it BE?!?!



Now the Miche Representative Conference kicks off on July 11th, and guess what else? The biggest event of the year for Miche – the highly anticipated “Fashion Show” is also scheduled the evening of July 11th, 2013 at Mpower. What better time would there be to debut a new line than the Fashion Show?!


This little gem was posted to the Miche facebook page Sunday night. With this description “Some of our lucky M-Power attendees may be going home with this gorgeous Empress Ring. This little confection is special indeed and will be on sale July 15. Enjoy the sneak peek at what Conference attendees will enjoy. Will you be there?”

Say what? On Sale July 15th? Could the BIG surprise be Jewelry? Or is that a distraction?!



Whatever the big surprise is – it is so HUGE it has pushed up the August 2013 Releases a full 2 weeks. The August Releases (The Miche Fall Line) will be available to order EARLY on July 15th, 2013! With a Debut Hostess Promotion starting the same day the New Line launches!    As soon as I know what exactly the BIG news is I will let you know! Be sure to check back late evening July 11th, 2013!

Miche Deal of the Day – July 7, 2013


July 7th
SKU 5155 Bethany (Petite) 40% Discount $8.97
SKU 7597 Paulette (Prima) 40% Discount $23.97
SKU 1215 Beth (Classic) 40% Discount $14.97

You can grab today’s deal HERE

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